WarBRD-D Base - User Manual

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What's in the Box:

  • 1 x WarBRD-D Base 

  • 1 x USB cable

Optional accessory:

Base plate

  • 4 x Base Plate Parts

  • 1 x Fixator

  • 4 x Screw M4x12mm 


Check with your chosen order package!

Axis Adjustment

Tools required:

  • H3 Hex Key (NOT INCLUDED)

To adjust the clutch damper force use a H3 Hex Key. Tightening the bolt will increase the effect of the clutch damper, loosening the bolt will reduce the effect. Each axis can be adjusted independently by tightening or loosening each clutch damper. 

Connecting the Device to Your PC

ATTENTION: Do not apply excessive force when connecting cables. The USB (4 Pin) and AUX/OUT (5 Pin) connectors are physically incompatible to prevent cross-wiring. Ensure you are using the correct cable each connector to prevent permanent damage. 

IMPORTANT! Use VPC Software to configure the device

Attaching the Base Plate

Tools required:

  • H2.5 Hex Key (NOT INCLUDED)
  • H3 Hex Key (NOT INCLUDED)

 1. Remove the base cover by unscrewing the highlighted screws.

2.  Assemble the base plate and place the base on it. 

3. Use the M4x12mm screws to attach the baseplate. Ensure the screws are fully tightened to be flush with the baseplate.

Replacing the Cams and Springs

Tools required:

  • 8 mm Wrench х2
  • H2 Hex Key (NOT INCLUDED)

  • H3 Hex Key (NOT INCLUDED)

1. Remove the base cover by unscrewing the highlighted screws.

2. Loosen the highlighted screws and carefully detach the connector module.

3.  Unscrew the highlighted screws from the top part and remove it from body.

4. For replacing springs, take them off from cams using round-nose pliers and set the ones you want.

5. For replacing cams, take off springs from them and unscrew the highlighted nuts.

6. Remove cams from bolts and install the ones you want.

7. Reinstall the springs and then the body of the base.

ATTENTION: During re-assembly, make sure that the contact pins enter the socket at an angle of 90 degrees to prevent bending/permanent damage.

Connection can be verified by inspecting from the underside.

8. Reinstall the base cover ore the base plate.  


When connecting a Thrustmaster grip, remove the 2 bolts holding the grip connector socket. This will allow the Thrustmaster grip to be rotated without damaging the VPC Base connector socket.


Tools required:

  • H2 Hex Key (NOT INCLUDED)


Please visit the VIRPIL Controls support portal for troubleshooting advice. If you are still experiencing issues or unable to find answers to your specific question, please create a ticket on our support portal!


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