What's in the Box:

  • 1 x VPC MongoosT-50CM3 Base
  • 1 x USB Cable

  • 2 x AviaSim Soft (preinstalled)


  • 2 x AviaSim Hard

  • 2 x AviaSim Free 

  • 2 x CosmoSim Soft 

  • 2 x CosmoSim Free

  • 2 x Light Spring
  • 2 x Standard Spring (preinstalled)
  • 2 x Heavy Spring

Axis Adjustment

Attention! In order to preserve the life of the springs, the device is supplied with fully decompressed axle springs. To start using the base, you need to adjust them, if necessary. 

1. Remove the rubber plugs from the top of the base.

2. Each axis can be adjusted independently by tightening or loosening each pre-tensioner. Use H4 Hex Key.  After you are happy with your adjustments,  reinsert the rubber plugs. 

3. To adjust the clutch damper force use H3 Hex Key. Tightening the bolt will increase the effect of the clutch damper, loosening the bolt will reduce the effect. Each axis can be adjusted independently by tightening or loosening each clutch damper. 

Connecting the Device to Your PC

ATTENTION: Do not apply excessive force when connecting cables. The USB (4 Pin) and AUX/OUT (5 Pin) connectors are physically incompatible to prevent cross-wiring.  Ensure you are using the correct cable each connector to prevent permanent damage. 

IMPORTANT! Use VPC Software to configure the device

Changing Cams and Springs

1. Remove the base cover by unscrewing the highlighted screws.

2. Remove the rubber plugs from the top of the base and completely loosen both axis pre-tensioner bolts. 

3. Remove the highlighted screws to remove the axis cam plates. 

4. To replace the springs, remove them from them from inside the pre-tensioner ports. Note the washers included. 

5. After all the desired changes have been made, reinsert the axis pre-tensioner bolts ensuring they are threaded through the nuts on each axis arm. 

6. Replace the rubber plugs and reinstall the base plate. 


Removing the Base Body

1. Remove the highlighted screws and carefully detach the port connector module

2. Loosen the highlighted screws on the top plate and remove the base housing.

ATTENTION: During re-assembly, make sure that the contact pins enter the socket at an angle of 90 degrees to prevent bending/permanent damage.

Connection can be verified by inspecting from the underside.

Installing on VPC Universal Compact Base Plate

1. Remove the lower base plate as shown above. 

2. Place the base onto the VPC Universal Compact Base Plate.

3. Secure the base with the М4х12 screws included with the VPC Universal Compact Base Plate

You may feel some resistance as the screws are almost entirely seated - some additional force may be required!

4. The base can now be mounted to your cockpit using the 


When connecting a Thrustmaster grip, remove the 2 bolts holding the grip connector socket. This will allow the Thrustmaster grip to be rotated without damaging the VPC Base connector socket.


Please visit the VIRPIL Controls support portal for troubleshooting advice. If you are still experiencing issues or unable to find answers to your specific question, please create a ticket on our support portal!