VPC Software Setup Version 20230328:

1. VPC Configuration tool

  • New profile for "VPC WarBRD-D Base" 
  • Axes setup, modified calibration maths, makes it more accurate.
  • Axes setup, fixes for Virtual axes.
  • Buttons setup, added "Click delay timer" for "Short/Long click" and "Press and hold" customisation.
  • Buttons setup, fixes for Switch/Toggle/Soft.toggle modes.
  • LED's, fixes for Bases with ALPHA Prime and Controls panels connected via OUT/AUX.
  • USB Profile setup, added new feature "Low voltage control". if it enabled firmware will control power level from USB <4.5v, with low level once detected all LED's will set into RED color (this fuction can helps to detect too long lines or poor USB power quality).

2. VPC Joystick Tester

  • Added secodary axes for "AIM" visualisation (it is easy to check main X/Y joystick axes and ministick secondary Rx/Ry axes)
  • Optimized CPU usage

3. VPC Shift tool

  • new internal USB-feature report interface, no more collisions with Link-tool/LED control tool.

4. VPC LED Control tool

  • new command '55' - set one color to ALL LEDs
  • new command '56' - set one color to ALL GRIPS LEDs (grips with one color indication)
  • new command '57' - set one color to ALL ON-BOARD LEDs (this is for throttles and panels)
  • new command '58' - set one color to ALL SLAVE LEDs (for panels connected by OUT/AUX)
  • new command '59' - set one color to ALL EXT.GRIPS LEDs (ALPHA Prime)