VPC Software Setup Version: [20220304]

1. VPC Configuration tool

1.1 Fixed looping values for virtual axes;

1.2 Fixed CP3 "VPC SharKa-50 Control Panel" calibration in slave mode;

1.3 Added check for duplicate axis names (it caused logical error in joystick);

1.4 Added quick "HINTS" for simple LED display system;

2. VPC Joystick tester tool (joystick tester)

2.1 Added axes values and names in "OSC" graph;

 Known bugs:

Problem     : Windows 7 only, The device hangs during initialization in the OS, and does not appear in the USB device lists.

Conditions  : Windows 7 + upgrade from any previous version to V20220304 (the problem is likely to occur once with each device when you update the firmware).

Description : Windows 7 stumbles and fails to dynamically reinstall drivers when switching from multi-collection to multi-interface USB composite devices.

Solution #1 : In Device Manager, for devices with a question mark, click update drivers.

Solution #2 : Run 'VPC_USB_Info' utility (from 'Tools' subfolder), select menu 'USB' -> 'Clean windows registry'.