VPC Software Setup Version: [20220208]

Modified on Sat, 05 Mar 2022 at 10:58 AM

VPC Software Setup Version: [20220208]

1. VPC Configuration tool

1.1. New USB enumeration procedure, аccurately and precisely detects conflicts when multiple identical devices are connected ('bootloader' or 'no profile');

1.2. New 'Hints' subsystem, show short helps tips over controls;

2. USB / Firmware subsystem

2.0 NEW USB ID's, windows will detect hardware as new devices, need to rebind controls in games/sims.

2.1. Added multi-interface subsytem, virtual secondary joysticks (split by 32 buttons, and plus 4 axes);

2.2. Revised the native USB suspend events system (better compatibility with Windows sleep/hibernate);

2.3. Stopped USB reports infinite spammings (better compatibility with PC hangs up on startup or reboot);

2.4. Added special sleep mode (stop USB reports and turn off LED's after timer countdown);

2.5. Beta test hardware keyboard mapping has removed;


3.1. Added 4 axes, now we can drive 8 axes at primary joystick (P1-P8 at axes table) and 4 with secondary virtual object (S1-S4 at axes table);

3.2. New calibration math, added new two detents mode and logical output adjustment;

3.3. New mode for Axis to button functions, logical and hardware, higher precision;

3.4. Redesigned curves setup, three sets, each of which can be connected to any axis;

3.5. New throttle levers linearity calibration math, helps to synchronize axes;

3.6. New visualisation engine, green are input - physical response of the sensor and red dead zone action, blue are logical output, result of math;

3.7. Increased accuracy of logical axis results from 16000 to 60000 points;

3.8. Algorithms for axis smoothing and filtering have been changed, new coefficients have been added and the accuracy of the dynamic dead zone setting has been increased;


4.1. New 'S0' state for shifts modes, activated when the shifts are off;

4.2. Encoders decoding now have special setup, no need more 'special buttons' mode;

4.3. New toggles decoding mode for ON/OFF/ON, detect toggle middle 'OFF' state and create new virtual button;

4.4. New ALPS (4-directional switch with centre-push) decoding system, no parasitic presses when switching from side to centre and back;

4.5. And simple LED's indication, dynamic indication depending on any 8 buttons (physical or virtual);


5.1. Split by 32 buttons has back, USB controller create 4 virtual devices by 32 buttons each.

5.2. New 'Zero USB reports' mode contolled by button, joysticks sends zero reports (buttons are off and axes are zero) while button pressed, maybe usefull on reconecting to mission no need to move levers and toggles.

5.3. New 'Stop USB reports' special sleep seconds timer, will detent no axes or buttons are changed and goes sleep ad LED's off.

5.4. Added profile reset warning during firmware upgrade. please use XML export to transfer your profile settings between upgrades;

5.5. Added warning about logical holes in the joystick button setting;

5.6. Added new profile for "VPC ACE Torq Pedals";

6. VPC Joystick tester tool

6.1. New USB enumeration procedure, detects multi-interface USB devices (virtual joysticks);

6.2. New graphics engine;

7. VPC Shift tool

7.1 Added more destination devices, now we can control up to 4 devices;

8. Known bugs:

Problem     : Windows 7 only, The device hangs during initialization in the OS, and does not appear in the USB device lists.

Conditions  : Windows 7 + upgrade from any previous version to V20220208 (the problem is likely to occur once with each device when you update the firmware).

Description : Windows 7 stumbles and fails to dynamically reinstall drivers when switching from multi-collection to multi-interface USB composite devices.

Solution #1 : In Device Manager, for devices with a question mark, click update drivers.

Solution #2 : Run 'VPC_USB_Info' utility (from 'Tools' subfolder), select menu 'USB' -> 'Clean windows registry'.

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