Package Contents

  • 1 x  Rudder Pedals Assembly


  • 2 x  Footplates


  • 1 x  No Center Cam

  • 1 x  Hard Center Cam (Preinstalled)




  • 1 x  Standard Spring (Preinstalled)





  • 1 x  Strong Spring 




  • 1 x USB Cable

  • 1 x OUT-AUX Cable 2m

Attaching the Footplates

1. Unscrew the highlighted screws using Hex Key H4.





2.  Install the pads in the desired position and secure them with the same screws.



3. Loosen the highlighted screws, place the top plates in a comfortable position and lock them in place again.



4. Loosen the highlighted screws, adjust the distance, and secure. 


 IMPORTANT! Pedals must be installed on a flat surface!

Changing Cams & Springs 

1.     Unscrew the highlighted screw and lower the cam lever.





2. Unscrew the highlighted screws with a Hex Key H2.5 and replace the cam.




3. Install the desired spring and fix the lever again with the screw.


4. To adjust the clutch damper force use H5 Hex Key as shown in the illustration. Tightening the bolt will increase the effect of the clutch damper, loosening the bolt will reduce the effect. 

Connecting the device

ATTENTION: Please ensure the correct cable-port connection is made (e.g. PC USB cable to device port labelled "USB"). Incorrect cable connection can lead to non-warranty damage to the device electronics.  


IMPORTANT! Use VPC Software to configure the device 




Please visit the VIRPIL Controls support portal for troubleshooting advice. If you are still experiencing issues or are unable to find answers to your specific question, please create a ticket on our support portal!