What's in the Box:

  • 1 x Main Pedals Assembly 

  • 2 x Foot Platforms

  • 2 x Soft Center Cam

  • 2 x Hard Center Cam (Preinstalled)

  • 1 x Standard Spring (Preinstalled)
  • 1 x Heavy Spring 

Installing Foot Platforms

1. Disassemble both foot platforms by removing the highlighted screws and nuts to free the pads.

2. Remove the highlighted screws.

3. Install the foot plates using the same screws as highlighted below.

4. Reassemble the foot platforms.

5. The length of the foot plates can be increased or decreased by removing the highlighted screws and repositioning the plate.

6. Loosen the highlighted screws and nuts to adjust the resting of angle of the foot platform. Use the alignment cutout (!) to accurately adjust both the left and right side.

7. The toe brake axis tension can be increased by moving the spring to the underside cutout (!).

Changing Cams and Springs

1. Disengage the cams by removing the spring from them using round nose pliers.

2. Unscrew the highlighted nuts on the back of the pedals assembly.3. Remove the cams from the bolts and install your desire cam pair.

4. Install the springs on the cams according to one of the options below:

Standard Spring

Heavy Spring

Standard + Heavy Spring

Hardmounting the Pedals

1. Unscrew the highlighted nuts and remove the mechanic assembly from the pedal base frame.

2. Install the pedals in your cockpit using the same holes.


Please visit the VIRPIL Controls support portal for troubleshooting advice. If you are still experiencing issues or unable to find answers to your specific question, please create a ticket on our support portal!