Release Date: 29th July, 2019


  • Automatically save profile with calibration done.  (function controlled by new ini key "AutoSaveCalibration=1", default state ON);
  • Reworked GUI controls for buttons "SAVE/LOAD VPC DEVICE" (fixed bug with inactive buttons);
  • Throttle virtual detents - "Mode HOLD=ON" forsage stay activated until axes back to unforsaged values;
  • Throttle virtual detents - linked with mode shifts, possible to add LED state, and share it to another devices with "VPC_SHIFT" tool;
  • Throttle virtual detents - more accurate steps by 0.5%;
  • Reworked USB/HID enumeration ("device cannot be identified" / "VPC tools crash or freeze on start");
  • Fixed bug where axes curves couldn't reach limits 0% and 100% ;
  • Added Desktop link to "VPC Shift Tool" (also possible to control by new ini keys "AutoStart=1" and "AutoHide=0");