What's in the Box:

  • 1 x VPC Constellation ALPHA Grip

  • 1 x Hex Key H2.0

  • 1 x Hex Key H2.5

Attaching the Grip

Tools required:

  • H2.5 Hex hey

Before attaching your grip, ensure that the locking screws are flush with the screw collar.

1. Pull the cable from the grip by 2-3 см.

2. Use the arrows located on the cable connector and grip socket to correctly orient the pins. Incorrect orientation will result in damage to the connectors.

IMPORTANT! Use VPC Software to configurate the device

3. Lightly tighten the screw collar and set the desired angle offset before hand tightening fully.

4.  Use the included H2.5 Hex Key to tighen the highlighted screws on the collar. This will prevent the grip from unlatching during use.

NOTE: Do not use excessive force when tightening these screws.

Note: The locking screws collars are the latest revision of the VPC Constellation ALPHA Grip and is not present on earlier grips. 

Wrist Rest Adjustment

1. Loosen the main adjustment dial and unscrew the small nut to the top of the wrist rest.

2. Set your desired height using the main adjustment dial.

3. Fix the wrist rest in place by tightening the small nut back down and then further tightening the main adjustment dial.

Twist Axis Lock

Tighten the highlighted screw using the included H2 Hex Key

NOTE: Do not use excessive force when tightening these screws.


Please visit the VIRPIL Controls support portal for troubleshooting advice. If you are still experiencing issues or unable to find answers to your specific question, please create a ticket on our support portal!