Package Contents

  • 1 x  Rudder Pedals Assembly

  • 2 x  Footplates

  • 2 x "Combat" Lower Footplate

  • 2 x  Soft Center Cams

  • 2 x  Hard Center Cams (Preinstalled)

  • 1 x  Standard Spring (Preinstalled)
  • 1 x  Strong Spring 

Attaching the Footplates

1.  Remove the highlighted screws.

2.  Install the pads  and secure with the same screws as shown in the figure below .

3.  Set the desired footplate length using the dedicated screws.

4. To adjust the footplate angle, loosen the highilighted screws and set a comfortable angle. Align the notches to the cutout for set angles and tighten the screws when set at the desired angle.

5. Increase the brake axis tension by moving the return spring hook to the lower notch.

Installing Combat Style Pedals

1. Remove the upper footplate section by removing the highlighted screws.

2. Remove the screws from the combat style heelplates. 

3. Unscrew the highlighted bolts from the pedals assembly.

4. Install the footplate bases and secure with the same screws as shown in the figure below.

5. Attach the heelplates and upper footplate sections.

6.  Set the desired pad length using the dedicated screws.

Changing Cams & Springs

1.  Remove the centering spring from the cam arms using round nose pliers.

2.  Unscrew the highlighted nuts holding the cams onto the pedal assembly. 

3. Remove the cams and replace with your desired set. 

4. The cam centering springs can be configured in these positions as follows; 

Standard Spring

Strong Spring

Standard + Strong Springs

Installing pedals without a base frame

1.  Unscrew the highlighted nuts and remove the mechanic assembly from the pedal base frame.

2.   Install the pedals in your cockpit using the same holes.


For troubleshooting recommendations, follow the link to the "Technical Support" section, formulate your question clearly and create a request. On a business day, we will answer you within 24 hours!